i'm put together beautifully / big wet bottle in my fist / big wet rose in my teeth / i'm a perfect piece of ass / like every californian / so tall i take over the street / with highbeams shining on my back / a wingspan unbelievable / i'm a festival i'm a parade (the national / alligator / all the wine)
music - 2005
<the national /
<nada surf /
the weight is a gift>
<arcade fire /
<maximo park /
a certain trigger>
<bright eyes /
i’m wide awake it’
<the clientele /
strange geometry>
<sufjan stevens /
come on feel the
<editors /
the back room>
<athlete / tourist> <tears for fears /
everybody loves a
happy ending>
<stars /
set yourself on fire>
<bloc party /
silent alarm>
<elbow /
leaders of the free
<kettcar /
von tauben und
spatzen und
haeusern und
<tocotronic /
pure vernunft darf
niemals siegen>
<franz ferdinand /
you could have it
so much better>
<gravenhurst /
fires in distant
<...the trail of
dead /
worlds apart>
<antony and the
johnsons /
i am a bird now>